Sunday, 27 August 2017


Another fine local roofing business, Slate Roofing Sydney, has had a design project created to keep up with the competitor in the market place. It seems that Slate roofing is a particularly competitive industry with a few other local companies spending big on their online marketing presence. This particular client already has a website built... Read more »

Friday, 25 August 2017


There are a number of factors when deciding to get a slate roof or not. Thanks to Gerard and the team form Slate Roofing Sydney for this short article to make the process easier for you. Prevailing Weather When it comes to choosing which sort of roof to have installed, you will surely want to take weather conditions into consideration. Regularly high temperatures and humidity […]


Slate has four top natural properties. 1. The incomparable beauty of Slate. If you have ever worked with slate before, then you will know that it comes in various colours to choose from. Welsh slate is renowned for its variety of colours and smooth sheen that is a characteristic of all slate – and is

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Saturday, 12 August 2017


Putting in a new door lock can be a difficult job for some people. However, if they want to save some money people tend to do this job on their own. And it’s all about saving the money. Well, I for one have spent several hours trying to fit a door lock only to have the locking mechanism not work properly and be very temperamental […]


Roofs are the most important component to have on your home after the foundation. However, it is one of those items that you usually overlook because of the way it is positioned on the home and how it is out of sight. Since this is the case, the roof can often end up getting damaged and people do not really notice it until it starts […]


Owning a home is a very good thing to have, but sometimes the upkeep of the home can be rather expensive and difficult to maintain at times. This is when you need to realize that without the proper maintenance you could have more problems than what you may have expected. One aspect that usually gets overlooked is the roof, which can start to leak over time. […]


Product Review: SGS Breeze 540 Saltwater Chlorine Generator This article is a review about arguably one of the best chlorinators on the market today. Read on to learn about this fantastic unit. For further product and purchasing information please visit SGS Breeze 540. The Breeze 540 is a saltwater chlorine generator from Saline Generating Systems (SGS) based and operating in the United States. This particular salt […]